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 NY COLLECT Long Division Gallery/ March


Upcoming : NY COLLECT march 3

 Coffs Harbour Regional Gallery March 18th 2016

Australia Council, Greene Street Residency NYC/July-Oct 2015

            Hello from NYC! 

                        PARKS-SOPHIE GANNON GALLERY- JUNE 2015


                               Sunny Table, 2015 oil on linen 2m x182 cm

Curtain Inside/Outside, 2015, oil on linen 182 x137xm 

                               Fitzroy Oval, 2015, oil on linen 137 x122xm

Edinburgh Gardens By Memory, 2015 oil on linen 2m x 215cm 

Poker Track, 2015 Wood burning on beech plywood 20 x30 cm

                                  Imaginary Place Installation 2015